Quality is not only a policy, it is a priority

The Quality Policy in Zlote Ziarno is driven by the following core questions:



Today’s global supply chain of food and feed can contain major quality safety risks, especially when looking at non-GMO soybean meal. In Zlote Ziarno, together with our partners, we established a safe and controlled system throughout the whole supply chain. The company's main priority is to meet the demands and expectations of all consumers by delivering high quality products with a zero GMO tolerance policy, on time, via a high level of service.


The Quality Policy in the company is managed by the following procedures:

  • Effective operation of our own transloading centre, minimising the risk of contamination from foreign material.
  • Reliable and equipped laboratory in accordance with all EU standards and certificates.
  • Offered goods are made and grown in Europe, ensuring all European standards are being kept, as well as providing a shortened delivery period.
  • Through partnerships with the largest agricultural companies in Ukraine and 1st Class suppliers of production originated in Europe.
  • Transportation by Erant the first and only GMP+ certified wagons in Ukraine, with own fleet of 400 railcars.
  • Cooperation with the highest authorities and organizations for quality control of products, such as Aciter Control S.A, Bureau Veritas Polska, Food Chain ID, TÜV, etc.
  • With implementing GMP + B3 annual certification to ensure the safety of feeds and providing consumers with guarantees regarding proper production, trade, handling, transportation and storage of animal feeds.
  • By passing HACCP certification that demonstrates a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards in any point of production, starting with the supply of initial raw materials, finishing with the storage and realization of finished goods.
  • Applying the Cert-ID Non-GMO Global Standard certification and VLOG, demonstrating the ability of the company during storage and trade of soybeans to maintain the Target Threshold Tolerance Level (TTTL) <0.9% of accidental or technically unavoidable GMO contamination.
  • Implementation of KZR INiG certification supports the requirements for sustainable development in the field of trade in biomass and processed biomass with the subsequent storage according to requirements of the Directive of the European Parliament and Council of Europe on April 23, 2009, about the encouragement of use of energy from renewable sources.


The company’s management takes all necessary measures, implementing all the requirements of the Quality Policy and achieving our objective of connecting the quality of our products and services with a structural and technological supply chain.