Our Company

Złote Ziarno Ltd was founded in September 2012 and specialises in transloading, logistics services and trade of agricultural goods. We offer material handling services in our state-of-the-art transloading centre, using our direct railway connection to import and export goods and deliver them to customers across the continent.

We pride ourselves on using the most advanced technologies available in today’s market, including:

  • The latest grain and meal storage equipment,
  • Fully equipped laboratories that meet all EU standards and certificates,
  • Advanced systems for transloading bulk materials,
  • Cert-ID NonGMO, HACCP, KZR INiG, GMP+ and VLOG certificates, 
  • Non-GMO

Our brand new transloading centre is equipped with the most advanced transloading systems available, including new commercial grain silos and side-track railway. Our centre is located in the heart of Europe and is directly connected to the PKP LHS railway, allowing us to efficiently transport and deliver grain, meal and oilseeds across Poland and beyond. We also own 400 hopper wagons, each with a capacity of 116m3 and more than 40 high-capacity tank wagons, which ensure the efficient transportation and unloading of quality goods for our clients.

We work with some of the largest agricultural companies in Ukraine, as well as leading agricultural experts in Poland, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and beyond. We also provide a fully transparent and controlled supply chain, allowing us to offer the highest quality product from seed to crop.

Our experience and expertise, together with our centralised location, make us the perfect choice of high-quality transloading and logistics support for clients in Poland and across the European Union.