Products and services

At Złote Ziarno we take pride in offering the highest quality services in:

  • Transloading of bulk material
  • Transloading of liquids 
  • Product handling
  • Transport and logistics
  • Trade and distribution

Our transloading centre, located in Wola Zydowska, is one of the largest in Poland and contains the latest agricultural machinery with which we handle produce from a fully controlled supply chain. All of our handling and logistics operations are carried out using our own equipment, which means that we can guarantee the high quality of all produce that we handle.

We are able to offer distribution and sales of the following products:

  • Grain feeds and oilseeds
  • Extracted meal from oilseeds
  • Crude oil from oilseeds
  • White flakes

All of our products originate from our trusted partner organisations, who are the largest producers in the Ukraine agricultural market.